Owner FAQ

How do you show the property? 

Our professional leasing team schedules showings. We show all Applicants your property in person.

How Much Do Property Management Services Cost?

Our full service management fees are dependent upon the number of units managed. Leasing fees are calculated separately from the monthly management fee. We are a full service property management company. We handle the leasing, maintenance, record keeping, and overall property upkeep.

Am I Charged A Fee While My Unit Is Vacant?

No, management fees are calculated on gross monthly rent collected.

How Do You Determine Market Rents?

We perform a comparative market analysis by using our knowledge of the area, like property, and recently executed leases of like property.

As An Owner, What Do I Need To Personally Pay For?

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the property, paying mortgages, utility, HOA, property tax, insurance payments and all business expenses associated with property ownership.

If I Decided To Sell My Property, Can You Help?

Of course. LS Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm.

If I Decided To Purchase More Rental Property, Can You Help?

Of course. Allow one of our Realtors® to assist you in locating, purchasing, and insuring a new property.

Will Our Home Be Maintained?

Yes our relationships with the area’s certified contractors and vendors. If something needs to be fixed, we know the people to do the best job.

What About Real Estate Laws?

We keep up to date on the latest developments and continuing changes in Real Estate laws such as  rent control, tenant eviction, etc.

How Does LS Real Estate Send Me My Funds Once The Resident Pays Rent?

We will send you funds directly into your bank account via ACH.  We will also provide a monthly accounting report showing all activity (online, emailed, or mailed). You are also able to log into your account from our website.

Where Do You Advertise My Home For Rent?

We will advertise your home on our website, Zillow, and Trulia.  We also have about a dozen other websites where your home will be posted.  We also install a FOR RENT sign on the home for additional advertising.

What If The Resident Doesn't Pay Rent?

We qualify and approve a resident carefully. It’s very rare to get to this point, however, if it does get to this point we will follow through to the end.  The first step will be to contact the resident to make them aware we do not have the rent just in case it was an oversight on their part.  We will also deliver a 3-day notice “To Pay or Quit.”  If we are still unsuccessful we will start legal procedures against the resident.

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