LS Real Estate has served property owners and investors by providing expertise in the areas of residential property management, and property leasing.

LS Real Estate, Inc. believes the best way to manage residential property is by keeping them in a clean and updated condition. Professional property management demands this. This in turn generates higher market rents, faster leasing, and quality satisfied residents, thereby increasing the properties appreciation. Any professional property manager knows that keeping properties in excellent condition is simply better for everyone, the owners and the residents alike.

LS Real Estate has a System you can TRUST

T enant Screening System

*Our screening system brings only top quality residents.

R elationship‐Building System

*LS Real Estate works diligently to build positive relationships between owners, residents and vendors.

U niform Inspection System

*Routine inspections help us identify minor maintenance issues before they become major restorations; this system will also help keep your property at market value.

S trategy System

*Our strategy is to help owners balance the need for cash flow with the desire to maintain a distinctive and attractive property.

T raining System

*LS Real Estate believes in a continuous education for its staff. We practice this belief by attending instruction seminars while implementing new trends in the industry.

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What We Provide

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Our full service management includes taking care of each property as though it were our own, including:

  • timely collection of rent
  • payment of all bills associated with the property (mortgage, taxes, water/sewer/trash, insurance, etc)
  • a monthly accounting report showing all activity (online, emailed, or mailed)
  • disbursement of all owner funds (electronic or check)
  • round-the-clock maintenance management
  • all communication with the residents
  • manage move out and handle security deposit claims
  • comprehensive multimedia effort in placement of residents
  • investigative-quality application processing
  • comprehensive inspections of your property, inside and out
  • drive by property for informal inspections of the exterior
  • work with eviction attorneys when necessary

We do it all for you. Still, owner input is encouraged and always welcomed.


  • no charge for our services until the property is first rented
  • no charge for any of our inspections

Filling Vacancies

Timely placement of qualified residents is critical to one's bottom line. When a 30-day notice is received, we spring into action. You get:

  • professional recommendation regarding rent amount
  • a FOR RENT sign placed at the property
  • we added your vacancy to our FREE 24-Hour Rental Hotline
  • your property extensively described and pictured on our website
  • text and / or email notification sent to our waiting list of prospective residents looking for a property like yours
  • comprehensive use of the internet for maximum exposure

Every effort is made to minimize the amount of time a property remains vacant. We even return calls and show vacancies on weekends, on holidays and in the evening.


What LS Real Estate does to keep maintenance costs under control:

  • we offer in-house maintenance at a much more reasonable cost than outside contractors. all technicians are covered with Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • we do utilize independent contractors when work is outside the scope of what we can perform
  • estimates are obtained and presented for owner approval when requested
  • all repairmen are instructed to document directly on their bills if any repair is caused by resident negligence or abuse, so that residents may be held responsible for needless damage
  • all residents are provided with our toll free phone number so that in the event of an emergency, they may reach us, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays
  • numerous maintenance issues are detailed in the lease in the hopes of avoiding a repair in the first place
  • many common problems are easily handled over the telephone without ever having to involve a repair person


Drive-by inspections are performed regularly. We also produce a complete digital photographic record of the property at move in and move out.

General interior/exterior inspections are conducted.

  • when we take over management
  • when we move residents in and out
  • a comprehensive inspections of your property, inside and out (once a year)

 With all such inspections being standard to our service and at no additional cost to you.

 Among other things, we check:

  • landscape
  • paint condition
  • furnace and A/C filters
  • smoke alarms
  • CO2 detectors
  • grout/caulking
  • window glass and screens
  • kitchen and bathroom plumbing
  • carpet condition
  • etc...

All standard to our service with no additional cost to you.

If a problem is found to exist, we can quickly implement corrective action. Through this policy, we feel that unnecessary repair expenses can often be diminished or eliminated.

Giving you peace of mind.

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